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Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) aims to influence decision making via a series of evidence based recommendations that will, in the long term result in improved health and the reduction of health inequalities in the local population.

HIA is a developing field which uses a range of methods and approaches to assess the impact of a policy, programme or project. The aim of HIA is to support and add value to the decision-making process by providing a systematic analysis of the potential impacts as well as recommending options, where appropriate, for enhancing the positive impacts, mitigating the negative ones and reducing health inequalities.

How to do an HIA - please follow the link for an explanation of how to carry out an HIA


Recently, Stoke on Trent Healthy City was part of a learning and mentoring programme around HIAs. Here, the group, which consisted of local authority representatives from housing, planning and adult social care and representatives from Staffordshire University and regional NHS officers undertook a number of HIAs on things from the City Centre Plan, the Local Transport Plan and the Stoke on Trent Information and Advice Strategy. Please click on the links below for the final reports.

Stoke-on-Trent City Centre HIA

The City Centre and Etruria Road Corridor Area Action Plan Health Impact Assessment has now been completed.   Please follow the link for the Final City Centre AAP HIA Report

Stoke-on-Trent City Council Local Transport Plan 3 HIA

The LTP3 HIA has now been completed.  Please follow the link for the HIA 

Stoke-on-Trent Information and Advice Strategy HIA The Information and Advice Strategy HIA has now been completed.

Please follow the link for the HIA

Stoke-on-Trent Housing, Homlessness and Supporting People HIA

Please follow the link for the HIA

Previously Stoke on Trent Healthy City, RENEW North Staffordshire, North Staffordshire Regeneration Partnership, NHS North Staffordshire, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and NHS Stoke on Trent commissioned an HIA to assess the potential health and wellbeing impacts of the main part of the GREEN LINE ROUTE "Streetcar" Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Scheme. Follow the links below to see the full report and executive summary of the Streetcar HIA:

Streetcar HIA – Full document
Streetcar HIA – Executive Summary

Another HIA that wascommissioned by this group was on the Middleport area. An HIA was undertaken on the three draft Middleport masterplan options so that they could inform the development of the final Preferred Option.

Middleport HIA- Exec Summary

Middleport HIA - Full report

Two further HIAs also took place . The first assessed the potential health and well being impacts of City Water Side East (CWE) master planning design options. It identified opportunities for maximising the potential positive and minimising the potential negative health and well being impacts of the final preferred option. Follow the links below for the full report and the executive summary of this HIA

CWE HIA - Executive Summary

CWE HIA - Full report

The final HIA commissioned by this group concerned the regeneration of Leek Town Centre. Again this was assessed the health and well being impacts of regeneration in Leek. Follow the links to see the executive and full reports.

Leek HIA - Executive Summary 

Leek HIA - Full Report

The following report presents the innovation and learning that occurred during the four HIAs mentioned above.

Innovation & Learning Paper - Final

Health proofing masterplan designs: A guide

This guide came about as part of Stoke-on-Trent's Healthy City Programme through a pilot HIA research project looking to embed and mainstream HIA and healthy urban planning in North Staffordshire between 2008-10.

The aim of this guide is to describe in detail how to systematically review masterplan designs so that they incorporate public health and healthy urban planning best practice.

We see two uses of this guide. It can support:

  • The review and health-proofing of masterplan design options when these designs are being publicly consulted on during the masterplanning process.
  • The awareness raising and training of public health, HIA and planning professionals in the public, private and voluntary sectors – in healthy urban planning.

Follow the link below to see the full guide: Health proofing masterplan designs: A guide.

Follow the link below to see some case studies:

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

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